Program Catalogue
  • Company Profile

    Company Name
    Yomiuri-TV Enterprise LTD.
    May 1st, 1970
    50 million JPY
    Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation (100%)
    Kohei KISE
    Hisaya UMEDA
    Business Description
    Music Copyright Administration/Music License/ Music Creative Service
    Program Licensing Business (Japan/ International)
    Content Planning
    Advertising Service
    Planning, Production and Sales of Character Goods
    Planning of Sales Promotions
    Osaka-jo (Osaka Castle) MIRAIZA related business
    Event Planning/ Planning, Operation, and Decoration of Trade shows and Exhibitions
    Operation of “Asobi Factory” Producing and operating Riddle Game Events/ Escape Games under the name of "Asobi Factory". Other than above, planning, production and sales of animations/ game related products as well as creating and adopting scenario of events.
  • Offices

    Head Office
    7F Yomiuri telecasting corp Building 1-3-50 Shiromi, Chuoku, Osaka, 540-8510, Japan


    TEL +81-(0)6-4791-3600 FAX +81-(0)6-4791-3610

    Business Development Division:

    TEL +81(0)6-4791-3611 FAX +81-(0)6-4791-3625

    Tokyo Branch Office
    NTV TOWER 20F 1-6-1 Higashi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7420 JAPAN
    Content Business Division
    Content Sales Department

    TEL +81(0)3-6253-7892 FAX +81(0)3-6253-7891

    Content Produce Department

    TEL +81(0)3-6253-7871 FAX +81(0)3-6253-7891

    Business Promotion Department

    TEL +81(0)3-6253-7680 FAX +81(0)3-6253- 7891

    Music Publish Department/ Music Creative Department

    TEL +81-(0)3-6253-7891 FAX +81-(0)3-6253-7891

    Tokyo Business Development Dept

    TEL +81(0)3-6253-7887 FAX +81(0)3-6253-7891

    Tokyo Administration

    TEL +81-(0)3-6253-7680 FAX +81-(0)3-6253-7891